Perry Meridian High School           IDEA Honors Gifted and Talented 10th Grade Research Projects

Text Box: Perry Meridian High School’s sophomore IDEA U.S. History and American Literature class has participated in service learning projects each year since 2002.  These projects have included three books dedicated to US military veterans, an exploration of Soutside historical sites, a play about the history of Perry Township, a research project about homelessness that resulted in a documentary and a large donation to a southside food bank, a research project on the history of Perry Meridian High School, and our latest project, the research of those honored on the flagpoles of Southport.  This site showcases the current and past projects of the classes.  
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Perry Meridian High School        

401 W. Meridian School Road

Indianapolis, IN  46227

Contact: Mrs. Jan Cooney  317-789-4509

2011-2012 Southport Flag Project

2010-2011 Southside Homelessness

2009-2010 The Experience of War

2008-2009 Southside Historical Sites

2007-2008 The Melting Pot

2006-2007 PMHS Decades

2004-2005 Our Community

2003-2004 Sacrifices of Ordinary Men

2002-2003 Our Greatest Generation

Oval: Go to the Southport  Street Fair on Saturday May 5th from 11-5 to see our latest project.
Look for us next to the Southport Flag Committee Booth!